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Role: Writer, Social Media Manager

Jan 2020 - June 2021, Team of 15

A bright, whimsical, award-winning capstone game about magical skateboarding and community.

Released on Steam and with 8,000+ downloads. Won Excellence in Visual Art, Production, and Peer Choice Awards.


  • Write & implement quest dialogue and one-liners with Yarnspinner in Unity

  • Design and document quirky, beloved characters

  • Create a lasagna-themed familiarity system

  • Research gender diversity and connections with magic, community, and skating

  • Contribute to and edit festival applications

  • Manage social media, build relations with content creators. Create hip memes!

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Romantic Rainbow Delights

Role: Writer

March 2020, Team of 9

Ice cream-themed dating sim made in a week for NotGDC Game Jam with 9,900+ browser plays.


  • Concept storylines and write branching dialogue for love interest character with 3 endings

  • Learn Fungus tool to implement dialogue into Unity

  • Collaborate with other writers on narrative design and incorporate feedback from professional editor

Playable in-browser:

Queering Spacetime

Role: Solo Dev

Sep 2017 - Jul 2020

IndieCade-nominated, NYT-featured wholesome dating sim card game (1,000+ digital downloads) for roleplaying destined lovers across spacetime.

Awarded Melbourne Queer Games Fest Bronze, Koret Foundation Scholarship, and showcased in 7+ game festivals internationally, including Game Devs of Color Expo, Bit Bash, and QGCon.

  • Design, iterate, and polish core mechanics, game loop, rulebook based on playtest feedback

  • Write 70+ multiple choice scenario cards and design 14+ diverse characters

Print and play:


New York Times: Fear, Anxiety and Hope: What It Means to Be a Minority in Gaming

tiny rainbow rebels

Role: Solo Dev

Spring 2020

Short cozy narrative game about a tiny frog in a leather jacket vest after defeating the rich with motorcycle tricks.

  • Write 80+ freeform branches in Twine

  • Featured in GDC Indie Showcase, Queer Games Conference, PAX Aus Diversity Lounge

  • 850+ browser plays

  • Awarded Zeitgeist Award at UCSC Games Showcase for “speaking to the current cultural movement”

Playable in-browser:

Carla Only Likes Things Because They're Gay

Role: Scriptwriter

Jan 2019 - Jun 2019

A 15 minute romantic comedy play selected for UCSC Chautauqua Festival.


Carla has a crush on her roommate, but doesn't know if she's gay. Well-meaning teasing and clueless shenanigans ensue.

Besides writing and revising the script, I assisted with creative direction at weekly rehearsals. It was amazing to see it brought to life on stage and hear the laughs of the audience.

Published Article

I pitched and wrote an article on Queer & Trans-formative Game Design and methods for envisioning better futures, which I was honored to have published in COLORBLOQ's Worldbuilding Collection.



I'm Toto, a multiple award-winning game writer.

I specialize in whimsical worldbuilding, quirky and diverse characters, and romance.

Below are highlighted projects with samples.

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